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Services and plans based on company/individual needs.

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Administrative Support

Includes but not limited to...

  • Managing correspondence (letters/memos, emails, mailings, etc.)

  • Schedule/organize meetings

  • Create and/or maintain electronic filing

  • Field & Receive calls

Customer Support

Includes but not limited to...

  • Address customer issues & resolve them in a timely and efficient manner via phone, email, or social media

  • Ensure that all customer concerns are valid regarding products and/or services

Project Management

Includes but not limited to...

  • Initiation of project goals

  • Planning/timeline/budget

  • Implementation

  • Execution of project

  • Monitoring project progress

  • Closeout review


Social Media Management

Includes but not limited to...

  • Manage social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn

  • Manage inbox

  • Manage posts

  • Content creation

  • Marketing strategies

Time Management Training

Available Training Sessions...


  • Individual Training Sessions

  • Corporate/Institutional Sessions 

  • Group Training Sessions

  • Coaching Sessions

Data Entry

Includes but not limited to...

  • Input data into database

  • Prepare/create reports

  • Update databases

  • Digitizing physical records

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