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Meet Tajuanna

CEO/Experienced Executive Assistant

Tajuanna Franklin began her career as an Executive Assistant at the age of 16, interning at the Executive Offices of the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation for the Secretary of Local and Area Transportation for two years. After graduating high school, she was offered a permanent position which she held for 3 years before accepting a role as a Legislative Assistant for the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. With over 18 years of experience at the House, Tajuanna has worked for a variety of legislators, from freshman to veteran members, and has served on the PA Legislative Black Caucus and leadership teams. Her time working with freshman legislators provided her with the opportunity to build their offices from the ground up, including finding an office location, furnishing it, and managing its operations. She was affectionately called the "Freshman Whisperer"!

Throughout her 20+ years of experience as an Executive Assistant, Tajuanna has developed a diverse set of skills. She is highly detail-oriented, an effective communicator, and a reliable and competent team member. Tajuanna is also very strategic and meticulous in her work, and her most notable strength is her ability to multitask effectively. As a wife and mother of four children, she has honed this skill to a fine art.

In addition to her work in the public sector, Tajuanna is also a co-owner of 3 Chord Productions, a production company that specializes in event planning and coordination, music production, live entertainment, sound rental, and artist management. Tajuanna holds a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work and a Masters Certificate in Strategic Leadership, rounding out her professional skills and qualifications.

Virtual Assistant

CSM Professional Services

CSM provides freedom and virtual assistance to busy, overwhelmed entrepreneurs, and aspiring and established business owners. Our competent, strategic, and meticulous assistants are highly experienced. Providing cost-effective, organized, efficient, dedicated, and stress-free support, that allows business owners the ability to reclaim their time. Our top priority is to alleviate stress and keep operations and administrative tasks running smoothly with no additional cost or space needed for overhead.


Our assistants have over 20 years of experience as executive-level assistants in corporate and government agencies combined.

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