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Our Services

Our Assistants provide organized virtual assistance to every entrepreneur or business owner giving them the freedom, ability, and power to grow in success. Creating opportunities where entrepreneurs or business owners feel free to lead, work, and grow their businesses stress-free.

Administrative Support

*Includes but not limited to: Managing electronic correspondence, scheduling, creating and/or maintaining electronic filing, field and receive calls, organizational support (inbox organization), addressing and resolving customer issues, and vendor requests.

Branded Content Creation

*SOPs, emails, decks, contracts, business cards, websites, etc.

Minority Certification 


Operations Management

*Includes but not limited to: organizational support to ensure the smooth and efficient daily operations of an office or facility. Training, systems structure, systems support, and HR management.

Financial Management

*Includes but not limited to: Invoicing (external and internal) to include retrieving delinquent invoices in a timely and efficient manner, payroll, create budgets, financial reports, and develop plans for the long-term financial goals of the organization .

Data Entry

*Includes but not limited to: Database input, prepare/create reports, update database, and digitizing physical reports.

Time Management Training/Coaching

Transform the way you think and add time back to your once busy day. Learn how to organize your life, manage your schedule, and effectively utilize your time. 

Social Media Management

*Includes but not limited to: Content creation, managing social media platforms, and managing inbox.

Business Consulting

1 on 1 creative and spiritual insight, advice, and strategic plans for your business

Project Management

*Includes but not limited to: Initiate project goals, planning, create timeline/budget, implement project, manage project. and closeout review.

What Our Clients Say

Tiffiney Portee

Tiffiney Portee, 1st Lady of Realty

"CSM Professional Services provided me with exceptional service! They are extremely professional and always provided a plethora of services that assisted me in operating all of my businesses. I highly recommend!
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